Brown's Interiors and Exteriors


Ken Brown


Ken Brown is the founder and CEO of Brown’s Interiors and Exteriors. He has been in the window furnishing business for over 30 years. Through his integrity, skill, and hard work, Ken has upgraded his business from a personal project to a side hustle to a full-blown company. Now, he enjoys a great relationship with his large and varied clientele, and he is always looking to meet and serve new people.

In addition to his work at Brown’s Interiors, Ken is also a minister and a health coach. He’s been a pastor for over 20 years and currently leads Mountain View Free Will Baptist Church in Charleston, AR. Under the pseudonym Ken the Fit Guy, Ken offers comprehensive advice for practicing health and wellness in all areas of one’s life. He even puts on a yearly Fitness Revival at his church to show his congregation and community the ways that health and spirituality intersect.

Ken’s friends know him as outgoing, eccentric guy. He’s happy with a good cup of coffee and a good conversation with a friend, colleague, or even a complete stranger. Ken and his wife, Karen, live in Greenwood, AR, with their dog Panko. They have two children, Kendal and Karinda, both of whom are grown and have families of their own. Ken has always sought to be a positive influence contributor to his family, his church, and his community, and that informs every bit of work he does at Brown’s Interiors and Exteriors.