Brown's Interiors and Exteriors


How We Got Here


Brown’s Interiors and Exteriors was started by accident. In 1987, Ken Brown was renovating his house and decided he’d give window furnishing a try. He liked it and found that he had a knack for it, but he never imagined that it would one day become his career.

Friends and family heard about Ken’s newfound talent, so they asked if he’d do work for them. And he did, at least as much as he could between time with young family and full-time work. Back then, it was side work—a way to earn a little extra money for trips back home to California.  But over time, it turned into something more.

Word started to spread. Not through marketing or advertising, but through word of mouth. The work spoke for itself, and soon, lots of people knew about it. Ken kept getting more and more requests from people who wanted him to come and do work for them. What started as a side job soon became a viable business.

As the amount of work grew, Ken’s skills grew with it. He found a mentor in the industry. Went to training seminars. Earned certifications within the field. And eventually, Ken decided to go full-time with his window furnishing business. Thus, Brown’s Interiors and Exteriors was born.

What started as a simple renovation job grew from the ground up into something much more. Eventually, the business expanded from exclusively residential projects to commercial jobs as well. Contracts with other businesses, like builders, were formed. Ken was able to share his knowledge and skill with other young men, training them in the window furnishing business.

Now, Brown’s Interiors and Exteriors serves customers in three different states (Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas) and has even traveled further to bring customers the service they’re looking for. We do residential and commercial sales and installations of all sizes. We are here to serve you, and there’s no length we won’t go to do it. So reach out to us and see what Brown’s Interiors and Exteriors can do for you!